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How to choose a lawyer

You should choose a lawyer as follows:

  • If you don't know a lawyer personally
  • You should ask a friend you know or are close to if they know of a lawyer near you. Ask for that lawyer's mobile number.
  • Call that lawyer for a consultation and to arrange to meet to have the documents reviewed. (Pay for the first lawyer consultation, sometimes 1-3000 baht) so that lawyers will have time and fill their hearts for complete and straightforward counseling.
  • Find another attorney yourself whom you have never met. By searching on google or asking your children to search for the words "lawyer near you", "lawyer near your house" or "your lawyer".
  • You can call a lawyer who you can find on the Internet. Listen to the advice of a lawyer you find yourself. Or you can send documents for viewing online. If you need to go see a lawyer at the office, have the documents ready. (Pay some consulting fees and you'll get the most out of it.)
  • Once you've got 2 attorneys, now you have to choose who you want to hire. Let's compare it, such as answering questions, making recommendations, the important thing is wages. Can you pay in installments? How many installments do you pay?
  • The important thing is to make a contract with the best attorney. because the letters cannot be changed But people's words can always change.
  • When agreeing to hire each other, do not forget to set the employment conditions that the lawyer must notify or report the progress of the case every appointment.
  • How much is the salary of an attorney at the Court of First Instance? How much is the appeal?
  • Choose the best lawyer with experience in your case.
  • Choose a lawyer near you or near your home or near the next best court because there are no travel or accommodation costs.
  • Choose a volunteer lawyer You must go to the court to consult yourself. The work is not free.
  • With best wishes from Attorney Phuwong Phosai, President of the Lawyer Network.

contact a lawyer

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Attorney Phuwong Phosai Mobile phone 081-803-4097
Attorney Phuwong Phosai Mobile phone 081-803-4097

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