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Attorney Phuwong Phosai
Attorney Phuwong Phosai

President of the Lawyer Network

Hello, I'm Attorney Phuwong. President of the Lawyer Network Working as a lawyer up to the present for more than 30 years. All information I have received from the call center. that clients call for advice, endure many calls a day So I brought a case that is not the same to publish.

borrow money online

Lawyer: What would you like to discuss with a lawyer today?

Client: Loan creditor demands my debt. But I haven't paid yet.

Lawyer: What did he pay you?

Client: 10% interest per month, fine 100 baht per day, demand fee 1000 baht and many more.

Lawyer: Let's just say that you take all the information to report for criminal proceedings against creditors. Then you bring a copy of the complaint to the Damrongdharma Center.

Client: Yes, I will do as the lawyer advises.

received a subpoena

When you receive a subpoena from the police or various subpoenas from the court You should call a lawyer as soon as you receive the warrant. It's not that 1-2 days before the appointment, call to consult with a lawyer. I want a lawyer to help me do it. Network we can do it. But it is not recommended to call 1-2 days before going to court because there is not enough time. But we can also find a lawyer to help look after your case. Agree on the fees with the attorney I recommend.

rampant helmet gang

Lawyer, I take an online loan without any further installments. What should I do? This one has to see how much money he borrowed. How much interest did he charge? how much is the fine If the interest rate exceeds 15 percent per year, it is illegal, the interest rate is 0, and interest is not paid. Pay only the principal back But most of the time payment without evidence It is advisable to bring the matter to report to prosecute the offense of demanding interest in excess of the rate prescribed by law. Then take a copy of the daily report to complain to the Damrongdhama Center.